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FOKOOS Glass Bed Platform

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Stronger adhesion: New Generation of Carbon Crystalline Silicon Glass platform has a nice texture on the surface that helps with bed adhesion. When the temperature of the heated bed is about 60 degrees, you can directly print on the platform without any glue or other tools to help the model stick onto the sheet.
No edge curling: with the stronger adhesion, the model can stick onto the sheet firmly, and in order to avoid leaving logo indentations on the mold's surface during 3D printing, we design the logo on the lower right corner of the platform in a small size. So there is no issue of print edges curling.
Excellent flatness: New generation glass platform provides more flat and more smooth build surface than a magic mat or pei sticker, ensuring high flatness bottom of the model.
Easy to clean: It can be cleaned with alcohol or acetone at room temperature. Only need to prepare a small spray bottle to hold clean liquid and a piece of rag to complete the cleaning.
Very durable: Durable construction allows for multiple uses with either the same or different filament materials. And the new generation glass has high hardness, uneasy to damage. So you can use it for a long time.
FOKOOS Glass Bed Platform
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