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Returned FE20 Laser Engraving Machine (Attention: No Warranty, No Returns!)

Shipping from US warehouse. Shipping time 3-10 days.

Used laser engraving machines, no refunds or exchanges.
All of the items are Amazon returns (Maybe the issue of laser engraving machines, problems with users' operation, etc.)

Re-statement: This product does not provide after-sale protection and returns.

But recently, some customers who ordered this product reported that they received our package, but the printers in the box were not Fokoos printers, but printers of other brands. 
We filed a complaint with the warehouse and the logistics provider, but lost the case because of insufficient evidence because we could not provide the unboxing video as evidence.

So please record the unboxing video in time when you unpack the package, so as to get after-sales support.

Easy and fast installation: 80% pre-assembled, 20% hands-on assembly fun reserved, assembled in 10 minutes or less Equipped with enough tools and accessories to get started quickly.

Upgraded Laser Head: 20W electrical power is more powerful, with laser beam compression technology, engraving content is more finely expressed, adjustable focus, more stable, and durable.

Precise engraving and cutting: 32-bit motherboard, FE20 works faster, more accurately, and meets the demand of handling multiple instructions, 410x370mm large working area to meet your needs.

Excellent compatibility and practicality: supports LaserGRBL and LightBurn for easier and more convenient operation. Can engrave kraft paper, leather, wood board, cardboard, leather, acrylic, lacquered metal, etc.

Warranty and guidance: Please contact us for any product or usage questions. Join our strong community that offers an extra year warranty. Our FOKOOS team is always here to help you.
Returned FE20 Laser Engraving Machine (Attention: No Warranty, No Returns!)
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