Fokoos Honeycomb Laser Bed, Laser Working Table for Laser Cutter, 15.7 – FOKOOS

Fokoos Honeycomb Laser Bed, Laser Working Table for Laser Cutter, 15.7"×15.7"×1.18”,Honey Panel for Heat Dissipation and Table Protection, with Aluminum Plate,Suitable for Most Laser Engravers

Shipping from US warehouse. Shipping time 3-10 days.
  • 15.7"×15.7" working area: The engraving area of FOKOOS Honeycomb Laser Bed is 15.7"×15.7" (400×400mm). It is an essential accessory when cutting with laser engraving machine. Its material is composed of aluminum and iron, which is stable. Strong, durable and rust-proof.
  • Comprehensive protection: FOKOOS honeycomb Laser Bed comes with its own aluminum plate, which can quickly dissipate heat and accelerate smoke emission when using the laser engraving machine. It can also protect your workbench from laser damage and keep it clean. We also added 4 corner guards to protect your hands.
  • Strong compatibility: The size of the honeycomb Laser Bed is: 15.7"×15.7"×1.8". While it is suitable for FOKOOS FE10 Laser Engraver, it is also compatible with other laser engraving machines on the market.
  • Accurate Measurement: We have added scale marks on the X-axis and Y-axis of the honeycomb Laser Bed, so you can quickly know the size of the engraving material, providing you with more convenience when cutting.
  • 24-hour after-sales support: When you need professional guidance, please feel free to contact us. We will do our best to help you.
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