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About Us

1859丨The first year of 3D scanning technology
1892丨The first year of additive manufacturing technology
1984丨SLA, LOM, FDM, 3DP, EBM, SLM technologies came out one after another
1996丨The first year of the name "3D printing"
2005丨The first year of color 3D printing
2007丨The first year of the concept of open source 3D printers (layed the foundation for the popularization of desktop printers today)
2017丨FOKOOS brand first year, the team is committed to creating more open products, simpler applications Use, bring more possible 3D exploration experience.

FOKOOS will create a simple, open, and unlimited 3D future.
By breaking the technical barriers of 3D printing, Pass the desktop-level convenient experience to every user who desires DIY.
Let 3D printing become a handy tool for free application.
FOKOOS is the tool of the future; FOKOOS creates an unprecedented tool era.

FOKOOS born in 2017 is committed to becoming a global company leading in industrial DIY products.


We believe that technology is emotional. Technology is not only the cornerstone of industrial production but also can be a warm friend for people.


Reshape Imagination is our slogan. Welcome to be a part of FOKOOS family. We are all genius imaginers and creators.

​You can learn more about us at our 3D printer display website at www.fokoos.com.

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