1. Question: Seriously compared with the Ender series, whose printed works are better?

Answer: I have purchased an Ender 3 and an Ender 3 V2 before.

For me, complicated installation has always been a nightmare! But for this printer, you only need to install the 4 screws at the bottom to fix the gantry, insert the flat cable, install the material rack as usual. Then, turn it on and use it.
As for printing accuracy, I am very satisfied with Odin-5 F3 and Ender 3 V2.

However, since Ender 3 is not equipped with a lattice heating bed, I often cannot ensure that the bottom of the work is perfect before upgrading it 
What I am most satisfied with is that Odin-5 F3 is easy to use. You don't need to hold down the extruder spring, aim the filament at the hard-to-find extrusion port, and insert it into the extruder along the long tube. Just insert and start extruding. You can also install the preview model plug-in to let you quickly find the model you need to print now. You know, it is sometimes difficult to find your file among a bunch of files that only show the file name. Just personal opinions. 

By Amazon Customer on March 5, 2021


2. Question: Does this come with everything I need to start printing right away or do I need to purchase accessories or material to get started?

Answer: Yes! Everything you need is in the box, from files to print to filament! Have fun!


3. Question: Is the firmware open source? Is the mainboard using silent stepper drivers?

Answer: Yeah, the printer controller firmware is open source—editable. FOKOOS Odin-5 F3 provides external parts and expandable external ports, which can provide users with personalized development. And this product comes with a TMC stepper, which is also silent.


4. Question: Hi! I am going to buy it as a gift for my 16-year-old son. Will this printer be difficult for him to use?

Answer: Hello friend! First of all, for your question, I am very responsible for saying that FDM 3D printers will have a learning curve for novices.
However, once you have mastered how to set the slicing parameters in Cura and can perfectly level the machine, you will find that using a 3D printer is not difficult at all.
In addition, odin-5 F3 adopts a folding design and a 95% pre-assembled structure, which can be assembled in a few minutes and greatly reduces the chance of assembly errors. I think this is very beneficial for 16-year-old children.
If you encounter any problems during use, please feel free to contact us via Amazon or our after-sales email.


5. Question: Does it run on Marlin Firmware?

Answer: FOKOOS Odin-5 F3 runs Marlin Firmware. At the same time, we have also set up many external ports, and users will re-develop and design this 3d printer.


6: Quention: Can Odin-5 F3 print models in multiple colors?

Answer: Unless you use a multi-color filament, I don't think it can be done because Odin-5 F3 has only one extruder. I usually use white filament and then paint.


7: Question: What software is compatible with it? Does it need to use its own slicing software?

Answer: Dear customer, thank you for your question. You can use the FOKOOS Slicer included in the TF card to output Gcode files. You can also use mainstream software such as Cura to output Gcode.

8. Question: If I purchase a 3d printer from your site, where the printer will be shipped from?

Answer: Currently, our delivery area is limited to the United States. For the customers in the Most state of the United State, we will ship the printer out from the US warehouse.

US warehouse adress: 5610 Grace Pl, Commerce, California 90022, America

For more details, you may refer to the shipping guide on our website.

9. Question: Is there free shipping on your site?

Answer: Yes, we offer free shipping for 3d printer and filaments in the United States.

For more details, you may refer to the shipping guide on our website.

10. Question: How long is your product warranty?

Answer: We guarantee the 1-year warranty.

11. Question: How do I check on the status of my order?

Answer: You will receive an email confirmation to the email you have provided us at checkout, within 30 minutes of placing your order. When your order ships out for final delivery you will additionally receive a shipment confirmation email.

12. Question: What kind of payment methods do you accept?

Answer: We accept the payment by PayPal.

For more details, you may refer to the payment method on our website.

13. Question: How can I return or exchange my product?

Answer: If you do not satisfied with our goods and want to send them back to get a refund or an exchange, you can send a message to our after-sale Customer Service (Email address: support@fokoostech.com), they will reply you in 24 hours (except weekends) and give you further information and some useful advice.
But please contact us before sending the item back to us for a refund. We do not accept returned items that were sent back by you directly without checking with us first.
You may refer to the Return Policy on our website.

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