FOKOOS FE10 10W Laser Engraver & Extra Honeycomb Laser Bed

FOKOOS FE10 10W Laser Engraver & Extra Honeycomb Laser Bed

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  • Superb Cutting and Engraving: FOKOOS FE10 10W output power laser engraving machine adopts the latest laser coupling technology, which can compress the laser beam into 0.06mm. Such ultra-fine beam can ensure that 8mm Basswood and 3mm Acrylic is cut at one time and can ensure a finer picture and higher degree of reproduction while engraving. Its engraving speed can exceed to 10000mm/min.
  • Large Engraving Area: With a working area of 400*400mm(16"*16") , you can engrave and cut materials of different sizes, such as wood, paper, leather, acrylic and so on. The body is constructed of all metal for excellent stability and durability, ensuring high-quality engraving results.fully satisfying your DIY fun.
  • 15.7"×15.7" working area: The engraving area of FOKOOS Honeycomb Laser Bed is 15.7"×15.7" (400×400mm). It is an essential accessory when cutting with laser engraving machine. Its material is composed of aluminum and iron, which is stable. Strong, durable and rust-proof.
  • Comprehensive protection: FOKOOS honeycomb Laser Bed comes with its own aluminum plate, which can quickly dissipate heat and accelerate smoke emission when using the laser engraving machine. It can also protect your workbench from laser damage and keep it clean. We also added 4 corner guards to protect your hands.

    The FOKOOS FE10 laser engraver


    Machine Model

    Working Area 400 x 400 mm (16x 16 in)
    Power Output 10 - 11 W
    Max power 60 W
    Software LaserGRBL: Windows; Lightburn: Windows, macOS, Linux
    Cutting Material Cutting 10mm Basswood, 14mm Pinewood,6mm Acrylic, 4mm Bamboo, Kr aft paper, etc.
    engraving materials Engraving : Plywood, Basswood, Hardwoo d, Pinewood, Acrylic, Kraft paper, Stainless steel, Aluminum alloy, Ceramics, etc.

    This laser engraver has excellent cutting and engraving capabilities for a wide range of materials such as acrylic, wood panels, bamboo, glass, ceramics and can meet your multiple engraving needs.

    Uses LaserGRBL and Lightburn Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and other systems and various file formats.Supported connection methods include USB & TF Card connection.

    0.06×0.06mm Dual-beam , ultra-fine engraving beyond your imagination.

    4 protection:
    √ Move Protection
    √ Thermal Protection
    √ Eye Protection
    √ Built with Power Switch
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